Abris Art Company - a leading manufacturer of sets for embroidery with beads and a cross

Since 2008, the development and production of kits for needlework became the main sphere of Abris Art company . Now Abris Art is a dynamically developing company, whose products are widely known not only in Ukraine and CIS, but also far beyond their borders. The main Abris competitive advantage is a unique base material which is a natural artistic canvas. Variety of plots, high qualitative materials and excellent service distinguish us in the market from other producers of goods for needlework.

Our advantages:

variety of

quality materials

and artistic canvas


We invite you to take a look at our organization from the inside, try to imagine yourself in a warm, cozy atmosphere, being at home, with friendly faces and the smell ... no, not grandmother's pastry, but the amazing smell of canvas. All our products, which are so well known and loved by you, are made on the advanced equipment of the company Roland made in Japan. At the moment, Roland Corporation is a leader in the market of large format printing, thanks to unique printers, licensed technology, and a successful combination of printing and cutting. It was Roland DG that developed and released the world's first “friendly” solvent inks that do not harm the environment and people.

The RS-640 plotters from the Roland DG corporation, on which we print, is the latest development. Peers of them do not currently exist. New, eco-solvent nickel-free inks are used for printing by these devices, . Now you can imagine the high level of the print quality of our company and how much we care not only about the quality of our products, but also about the health of our consumers.

In addition to high-quality equipment, in our production, we use only high-quality materials. Beads made in the Czech Republic and Japan, does not need advertising. Each our set goes through several stages - from the drawing made by the artis, developing by designers to the processing in assembly line and, finally, going to packaging department. We take care of our employees; create comfortable working conditions for them, in order to eliminate mistakes in development and production.

Abris Art does not stand at one point and is constantly developing. Just look at the prototype of our packaging machine, which was made by our special order. At the moment, this excellent machine have been packaging beads by itself.

Abris Art has a patent for a unique “know-how”, the company's invention - beadwork on canvas. We, back in 2012, obtained the Patent of Ukraine for a utility model, which means that the right to manufacture on canvas belongs only to Abris Art LLC, and no one else! Also, in 2012 we received TU U 13.9-37363920-001: 2012, which indicates a high level of production in compliance with all technical, operational and sanitary standards.

It is important to add that we also obtained Conclusion of the state sanitary and hygienic examination of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine!

Our team: