Can I order a kit with my own image?

Unfortunately, no, we do not make custom patterns and kits. The process of developing and creating patterns is very time-consuming and requires a lot of effort. All of our sets are developed by a team of professional designers who manually lay out each bead and cross stitch, select colors, materials, and decorations, make test samples, and undergo other processes that allow us to create a truly high-quality and beautiful kit for embroidery. All of these processes only make sense for mass production. Because if we were to do all of this to create a single kit, its price would be astronomical, and if we don't do it, the kit will be of poor quality. And Abris Art does not produce poor-quality kits, we only create the best for you.

The only exception is the development of a custom design for the production of a large batch on order (approximately from 100 units, but the size of the minimum batch can be larger, depending on the category of the product). For such a request to clarify the details and calculate the cost, please contact the sales department. We will be happy to help you realize your wishes and create exclusive designer kits.

How is the delivery of orders carried out?

Delivery within Ukraine is carried out by Nova Poshta (to pick-up points and for home delivery) and Ukrposhta. We send packages through Nova Poshta every day, and through Ukrposhta 1-2 times a week. After the package is sent, a manager will send you a tracking number (TTN) after 5:00 pm, so that you can track your package.

Self-pickup is currently not available.

How to pay for your order?

There are several options for payment, choose the most convenient one for you:

  1. Payment by card on the website when placing an order - a quick and convenient option. However, if you want to add threads, hoops, or other accompanying goods to your order, or if you want to receive a discount, it's better not to pay right away. Wait for the manager to contact you after placing the order, so that they can calculate the final cost and provide payment details.
  2. Payment to a current account - after placing the order, our manager will contact you to confirm the details and provide payment details (IBAN). Payment can be easily made through any bank's mobile app.
  3. Cash on delivery - payment is made at the carrier's office upon receipt of the package. However, please note that the carrier charges an additional percentage for this service (see your carrier's rates), which means that you will overpay. If this is your first order with us and the order amount exceeds 3000 UAH, we ask that you make a partial prepayment as a guarantee that you will receive your order.
  4. Payment via PayPal - international delivery is only possible with full prepayment via PayPal (payment details will be provided by the manager after confirming the order and calculating the delivery cost). If you are ordering delivery to other countries, the manager will calculate the delivery cost separately based on the dimensions of your package, so even if you pay by card on the website, you will need to make an additional payment for the delivery cost.

Can I buy just the pattern without the beads if I like a picture in one of the kits?

Patterns from the kits are not sold separately, only as part of the complete kit. However, we have a large assortment of patterns for bead embroidery on our website, and you may be able to find the one you like.

In addition, I would like to mention that buying kits is convenient because they include everything you need for embroidery, including a full set of necessary beads with a margin, so you don't need to search for and buy anything extra.

How to order sets in other countries around the world?

You choose and order sets on the website, after which a manager contacts you to clarify the details, calculate international delivery, and provide payment details. Shipping of the order takes place only after full prepayment.

Are all the kits in stock?

Yes, all the kits presented on the website are in stock. And even if something is not currently available in our warehouse, we will quickly assemble any kit for you. We are a manufacturing company, so it is not a problem for us.

Is a frame included in the kit?

No, a frame is not included in the kit. You can order it separately at a framing workshop. There are several reasons why a frame is not included in the kit:

  1. It would be very inconvenient for you to embroider on a canvas that is stretched over a frame. Especially for larger designs, it could be uncomfortable and make some areas impossible to stitch.
  2. Shipping a kit with a frame would be much more expensive due to the size and weight of the package.
  3. Your embroidery will look best when it is completely finished and stretched onto a frame by professionals. This will prevent sagging and deformation of the canvas.

Can I purchase a frame for a finished painting from you?

Unfortunately, no. Framing and making frames are done by specialized framing workshops that are available in every city. There you will be able to choose a frame that suits your painting and fits it perfectly. Moreover, they will be able to find the perfect size to complete your painting.

I want to cooperate with you and make wholesale purchases. How can I do this?

It's very simple - please contact us via Viber at +380507082748 or email us at ov@abrisart.com to express your interest in cooperation, and we'll provide you with detailed information on how to proceed with wholesale purchases.

Why don't bead embroidery kits include threads?

When we started producing our kits, we found that most embroiderers use only the threads they are used to embroidering with, which vary from person to person based on preference and convenience. Therefore, we decided to make the kit slightly cheaper and not include threads that most people don't use. It's because embroidery habit is sacred. However, we do have high-quality threads that we use and recommend, which are available for purchase separately. So if you're new to embroidery or if you trust our recommendations and don't have a specific preference for a type of thread for bead embroidery, you can always ask us to add threads to your order, and we'll be happy to do so.

What is included in the kit?

The bead embroidery kit includes: a natural artistic canvas with a printed pattern, a full selection of Preciosa beads with a margin, needles, detailed instructions, and all necessary decorative elements (if any).

The cross-stitch kit includes: a cotton canvas, a detailed pattern, a full selection of threads with a margin, needles, detailed instructions, and necessary decorative elements (if any).

What are the delivery terms?

Usually, we dispatch on the same day as the order is placed (provided that it is placed before 10:30 am). However, in some cases, when our production is overloaded with orders, we dispatch the next day. If there is any delay in dispatching, our manager will definitely inform you in advance.

Do cross-stitch embroidery kits come with an electronic pattern?

Yes, for most of our cross-stitch embroidery kits, an electronic pattern in Saga format is available. All recent kits are supplied with the pattern. Unfortunately, Saga patterns are not included in some of our older kits, but a detailed printed pattern is always included. If you contact us requesting an electronic pattern and confirming the availability of the kit, we will send you all the necessary information to download the electronic pattern. We now have new packaging that includes a QR code that allows you to download patterns in PDF format and Saga patterns. We do everything we can to make stitching our kits as comfortable and enjoyable as possible for you :)

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