Cross-stitch kits Color of the World
Cross-stitch kits Color of the World
Cross-stitch kits Color of the World
Cross-stitch kits Color of the World
Cross-stitch kits Color of the World
Cross-stitch kits Color of the World

Cross-stitch kits Color of the World

Article: AHM-070

In Stock (992шт.)

Weight, kg: 0.067

Sizes of work, mm: 150x150

Thread length, m: 20

Number of colors: 7

Level of difficulty: простой

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Cross-stitch kits Color of the World 

Cross-stitch kits Color of the World is a great cross stitch kit from Abris Art, SKU # AHM-070, which you can buy right now and get delivery in a matter of days! It will give you unforgettable hours when creating a real handmade masterpiece! It is impossible to buy such a thing ready-made! High-quality materials, detailed instructions - everyone can create an unsurpassed picture, made by own hands. In fact, cross stitching is one of the most popular types of needlework (handmade). Cross-stitching often uses different types of stitches, such as ¼, ½, ¾ stitches, and the needle back stitch. The cross stitch is often combined with other stitches; it can also be of different forms. Sometimes a cross stitch is used in satin stitch embroidery (crewel embroidery), especially in its modern varieties, as well as in cross stitch on canvas (needlepoint). Cross-stitch is often combined with other types of embroidery, such as white Hardanger embroidery, black embroidery (blackwork), canvas embroidery or net embroidery. In addition, cross-stitching can be combined with beadwork with the addition of various embellishments such as sequins, pendants, small buttons and fancy threads. Purchased, embroidered and decorated with taste, Cross-stitch kits Color of the World embroidered and decorated with taste will bring an additional touch of warmth and comfort to your home, because its width is: 150 millimeters, and its height: 150 millimeters. Such a picture with a cross will also be a great gift for loved ones - after all, the best gift is made with your own hands! And even the final destination is not important - it is important what emotions will be received during these unsurpassed hours - when you embroider a s from Abris Art. Our author's cross-stitch kits have a stylish modern design, are completed with high-quality cotton canvas (fabric for embroidery) and threads (floss) of European production, which are conveniently placed on a cardboard organizer, as well as a cross-stitch needle, a detailed color symbolic scheme, where all types of cross stitches used and recommendations for the design of cross-stitched work, so that even a beginner can easily navigate the embroidery process. Attention to all who want to purchase a set! Some of our cross stitch patterns include a QR code that allows embroiderers using the SAGA app to access the cross stitch pattern exported to it.

The name of your future masterpiece - Cross-stitch kits Color of the World 

Number of colors: 7 

Length of threads for embroidery (floss): {Длина нитей, м} meters 

Plot (set theme): Декоративные сюжеты 

Emroidery width: 150 mm. 

Emroidery height: 150 mm. 

Kit SKU: AHM-070 

Package weight: 0.067 kg. 

Category: Сross stitch Kits > Kits-miniature for cross stitch 

Kit manufacturer: Abris Art 

In each carefully assembled box Cross-stitch kits Color of the World after purchase and delivery you will find: a large piece of canvas (embroidery fabric) larger than the size of the picture - 150 x 150 mm. - with enough margin to comfortably embroider and decorate the finished picture! As well as a special needle for cross-stitching and all the necessary threads (floss) - 7 colors on a convenient organizer, of course - with a margin, more {Длина нитей, м} meters, because you can embroider with a cross in different ways. And most importantly - detailed instructions, a cross-stitch pattern, specially designed by our designers for each set separately! It is so convenient and understandable that a person who wants to try his hand at cross-stitch for the first time and buys a kit - will understand everything in 5 minutes! 

Designed and produced in Ukraine with love! Always yours, Abris Art.

In each miniature cross stitch kit you will find natural cotton floss and European-made canvas, a detailed symbolic scheme, a needle for embroidery with threads and detailed instructions. This set is completed with Aida14 canvas (color - white) size 220*220mm, threads - 20m, as well as an additional decorative hoop

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