Vineyard shadow, AC-224 by Abris Art - buy online! ✿ Fast delivery ✿ Factory price ✿ Wholesale and retail ✿ Purchase Large schemes for embroidery with beads on canvas (300x300 mm)
Vineyard shadow, AC-224 by Abris Art - buy online! ✿ Fast delivery ✿ Factory price ✿ Wholesale and retail ✿ Purchase Large schemes for embroidery with beads on canvas (300x300 mm)

Vineyard shadow

Article: AC-224

Production time, hours: 51

In Stock (997шт.)

Weight, kg: 0.077

Sizes of work, mm: 300x300

Production time, hours: 51

Thread length, m: 38

Number of beads: 7543

Number of colors: 18

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Vineyard shadow 

Vineyard shadow - this is a great scheme for embroidery with beads from Abris Art with the SKU AC-224, which you can buy right now and get delivery in a matter of days! She will give unforgettable hours when creating a real handmade masterpiece! It is impossible to buy such a thing ready-made! High-quality materials, detailed instructions - everyone can create an unsurpassed picture, made by hand. Beadwork has been known since ancient times. Since ancient times, craftswomen have been admired for their magnificent embroidery skills, first with pearls, and then, from the middle of the 17th century, with colored glass beads. Clothes were decorated with bugles, pictures depicting various landscapes, churches, icons, etc. were embroidered. Nowadays, beadwork has become popular again. Beaded elements are used in the decoration of clothing, which gives it an original and neat look. Many styles in fashion are not complete without beaded jewelry. Beads as a material has unlimited color possibilities, it is also available to everyone. Modern needlewomen not only successfully decorate clothes, but also shoes, wallets, cases and handbags. The embroidery of paintings with beads according to patterns depicting flowers, birds and animals is very popular. For many women, beadwork has become a favorite hobby. This type of creativity requires special skills, patience, skill and accuracy. A great mood and developed imagination play a big role. And the picture Vineyard shadow acquired, embroidered and decorated with taste will bring an additional touch of warmth and comfort to your home, because its width is: 300 millimeters, and its height: 300 millimeters. Such a picture with a cross will also be a great gift for loved ones - after all, the best gift is made with your own hands! And even the final destination is not important - it is important what emotions will be received during these unsurpassed hours - when you embroider a set from Abris Art. Our author's schemes for embroidery with beads have a stylish modern design, are completed with a high-quality cotton base - natural canvas (fabric for embroidery) and a detailed color symbolic scheme, instructions describing all types of stitches with beads used in this work and recommendations for decorating a beaded work in order to everyone was guided in the process of embroidery. Attention to everyone who wants to buy a scheme! When embroidering with beads on a fabric with a pattern applied to it, which greatly facilitates the work process, since the pattern for embroidery is applied to the canvas. Away from the diagram is the key - the number matches the color of the beads and the designation on the diagram. For the convenience of reading the scheme, the color of the symbol may differ from the real beads in the set Vineyard shadow. Before starting work, you can stretch the printed fabric (canvas) onto a wooden frame with the help of buttons, you can also embroider on a rectangular hoop or simply hold the embroidery chart on your hands. If the hoop is large, then the canvas can be “built up” by tacking additional strips of fabric along the edges, it depends on the canvas you have chosen. It is better to embroider with nylon or cotton threads, you can use 100% PE, white or beige in one thread. If there is wax, wax the thread (press the thread with your fingers to the wax and pull it through it, remove excess wax by passing the thread through your fingers). This is necessary so that the thread does not twist or tangle. 

The name of your future masterpiece - Vineyard shadow 

Number of colors: 18 

Width of the scheme: 300 mm. 

Height of the scheme: 300 mm. 

SKU: AC-224 

Weight: 0.077 kg. 

Category: Patterns for bead embroidery > Large schemes for embroidery with beads on canvas (300x300 mm) 

Beading pattern manufacturer: Abris Art 

Each carefully assembled box of Vineyard shadow after purchase and delivery you will find:a large piece of natural art canvas with a printed pattern for beadwork (fabric for embroidery) is larger than the size of the picture - 300 x 300 mm.< - with enough margin to comfortably embroider and decorate the finished picture! And also, most importantly detailed instructions, a pattern for embroidery with beads, specially developed by our designers for each plot separately! It is so convenient and understandable that even a person who wants to try his hand at beadwork for the first time and buys this scheme will understand everything in 5 minutes! 

Designed and produced in Ukraine with love! Always yours, Abris Art.

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